About Wellspring

Wellspring, Inc. is a South Dakota non-profit corporation located in Rapid City, SD. Wellspring provides family focused therapeutic services for youth who cannot function within their family setting, the open community and the open school setting due to mental, emotional and/or chemical dependency problems.

Wellspring FacilityFounded in 1990 by Dr. Stephen Manlove, Judge Marshall Young and attorney, Al Scovel, Wellspring was established to provide innovative therapeutic services for adolescents. Wellspring programs emphasize a holistic approach to therapeutic and educational needs that address risk and resilience factors in youth and their families. The goal is to facilitate the development and maintenance of healthy environments that enable those at risk to develop life skills necessary for contributing, fulfilling lives.

Wellspring programs are based on the fundamental assumption that families have the potential to be the greatest source of positive change and support for youth in trouble.

A strengthened family is the greatest, yet least utilized, resource available to a young person. Each family is unique and has strengths that can be enhanced to improve family functioning. To prevent further trauma to the young person and the family and to achieve optimal success, Wellspring’s programs utilize both the family and the community as resources.

Mission Statement

Wellspring provides family focused therapeutic services for youth who cannot function in their family, school, and the community due to mental, emotional and/or substance abuse issues. Wellspring believes all families have strengths that can be built upon to promote stronger families and a safer community.

Wellspring Believes

Children need permanency in their family relationships in order to become healthy, productive individuals.

Families should and can be the primary caretakers of their own children.

  • Families have hope
  • Families want to change
  • Families have attempted solutions to their problems
  • All families have strengths that can be built upon
  • Family empowerment is essential to success

Human services programs should make every effort to support families in caring for their children.

Wellspring helps each child reestablish healthy relationships with others in his or her own home and community. We treat each family and young person individually, addressing his or her emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs.

Since 1994, Wellspring has provided services to well over 15,000 individuals and their families.

Our Logo

Wellspring LogoThe Wellspring logo was designed with much thought and consideration. It is a flower, a perennial symbol of growth and well-being; and green, the color for safety and security; and comprised of boomerangs to symbolize our goal – the return of the child to the family.